On the morning of April 6, 2024, at the Head Office, Phuoc Thanh Construction Corporation organized a general health check for all employees.

Understanding the importance of health protection for employees and business development, Phuoc Thanh organized a general health check for all employees.

This is one of the company’s annual activities, organized with the goal of overall health checks for all employees. Thereby, helping to detect potential health problems early, for timely treatment and effective prevention.

Phuoc Thanh’s employees receive a overall health check, including: vital signs examination, internal examination, blood and urine collection to screen for diseases, X-rays to detect lung-related diseases, eyes examination, and ear – nose – throat, dental – jaw – facial examination, etc.

In addition, employees also receive health advice from a team of professional and experienced doctors. Doctors provide useful information on how to protect their health, change living habits to be more positive, develop a scientific exercise plan and a healthy diet.

The periodic health examination program is one of the important activities that helps Phuoc Thanh build a modern, dynamic working environment and comprehensive welfare allowance. Thanks to that, employees can work with peace of mind and devote their best to the overall development of the company.

Phuoc Thanh believes that when employees receive good health care, they will have a comfortable spirit, dynamism, and higher work efficiency. This is an important foundation not only for Phuoc Thanh to continue to develop sustainably in the future but also to demonstrate the culture and responsibility of the business to society.